NHL is established since 1st October 1963

  • Amalgamation of Five Institutional Labs.
  • Pasteur Institute of Union of Burma (Myanmar)
  • Harcourt Butler Institute
  • Chemical Examiner to the Government
  • Public Analyst Laboratory
  • Rangoon (Yangon) Municipal Corporation Labs.

Our objectives

  • To develop and implement laboratory support services in line with
    the Policy of National Health Planning and the Guidance and
    Instruction from the Ministry of Health and Sports
  • To  function as the WHO network recognized laboratory for Influenza,
    Measles, Rubella, JE and Polio as well as Reference Laboratory for Clinical
    and Public Health Services
  • To promote and maintain the National External Quality Assurance Scheme
    for Laboratory Services
  • To be established as an internationally recognized accredited laboratory
  • To be involved in applied research activities